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The Most Important Question(s) You Will Ever Answer

1) Cinna: alive or dead?

2) What is your house?

3) Team gale or team peeta?

4) What’s your favorite color?

5) Do You Like Twilight and/or Justin Beiber?

Sorry, but i’m just random like this………………………..I like being able to spaz out without actually talking though. More people can understand me because they can read at their desired rate (and not listen to me babble at hyperspeed) and I tend to alarm less people by my insaneness.


wether the weather be hot………..

I have given up on hoping for snow days. Now I’m hoping for spring weather. I like both, but not the slushy, muddy, nastiness in the middle that seems to go on for waaaaaaaaaaaay to long. Can we get some decent stuff here peoples????? Why oh why won’t you cooperate??????????????????????

Ok, I digress……….

Peace, Love and _______________________!

(fill in the blank!!)

what in the world?!?!?!

This sounds like a regular crazyness post, but this one is kinda mushy, but you have been warned.

It’s amazing, annoying, confusing and weird. That’s what happens when you miss someone a lot. You go on the computer, listen to depressing songs, post a lot of :(‘s on Facebook, sit by windows and stare outside, don’t talk, I mean, what happens to us!?!?!?!?! Even if you haven’t seen the person for two days, It’s absolutely insane…………… and of course most of the things that you do just make you miss that person more. Why on earth do we do this??? I have no idea. I’m just seriously worrying my parents as this happens increasingly often.

Maybe this should be renamed:why in the world?!?!?!?! but I don’t feel like going back to change it………


I just wrote down random words, but thought they looked pretty afterword:


Stairs Foot

Darted Through Brushed

That Perfect



Elation Strode

Hogwarts Idea Illuminate

Steps Going





Scowl Litter

Ask Out Just

                           Tell Trouble 

so ya.

What do you think??                         


My mom says I spend too much time on the computer. I find this annoying. I spend hardly any time on, and when I do, I’m blogging while listening to youtube, or watching house of anubis. I spend maybe 1/2 hour on!!! It is proabably 1/4 of what she does though, so it’s really hypocritical.


This will be very offensive to anyone who likes twilight, but my personal opinion is against it. Here goes: “because a guy holding a wand beats a guy holding an apple any day”

If you haven’t figured out already, and you will very soon, I am obbsesed with HP*. I will make random references, so tell me if they’re obscure. You HAVE been warned.

*Harry Potter!!!!!

wacky weather

So, last week we got snow. Today, It’s warm enough for t-shirts. Is weather always this crazy???