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Junky and/or pointless stuff such as Disney channel, which may actally be fun is the birthright of the American kid. People wonder why we have such a problem with obesity…



If anyone I know reads this, they will find out a lot more than I ever wanted them to know. Oooh I didn’t think of that. I guess it’s a risk I have to take……

I get to babble on here to no one in particular versus at school when all my friends have to listen to my insaneness and hyperspeed talking……

So, on the whole, It’s probably a good thing…

Wow, that had a lot of ellipses…..



I am currently listening to “The bravest man I ever knew” By the Ministry of Magic, “I’ll meet you there” by Owl City and “21 guns” by Green Day. Not at the same time. I know I have wacky music tastes, but these are some favorite songs. They cover everything from techno, to love, to Wrock, to rock.

Now for the connections part:

21 Guns is the perfect song for Mockingjay. It is about when to fight or when to call a cease fire, also, what’s really worth fighting for. Another part is “did you get to close to the fire” which is, of course, ‘catching’. There are hints of love too like “Is your heart broken on the inside” or something like that. I just thought it was perfect for the book.

my average dinner conversation


my dad: “SLOW DOWN!!!! Stop and take a breath between each sentence. That’s why they have periods.”

me: “periods are overrated” Then draws squiggly lines over my head and says: “thisiswhatmybrainisdoingbutsometimesitdoesthis” Draws zigzags “ortheselittlesmileyfacethingiesthatareallhappyItcanalsobeallcrazy,believeitornot!”

my dad: “no, we certainly can’t believe it.”

my brother: “this is why I call my sister crazy.”

Later while we clean up the kitchen, I get so hyper that I hit him over the head repetitively with plastic wrap while laughing creepily. I also scare my dog by singing uber-hyperly.

Like I said, this is my AVERAGE dinner conversation. You don’t want to hear my crazy/weird/strange conversation.   🙂