Funniest HP movie moment ever!

Hermione(hg):”See, over there? That’s Romilda Vane. She’s been trying to sneak you a love potion.” Harry(hp):”*brightly* really?” hg:”She’s only interested in you because she thinks you’re ‘the chosen one’!” hp:”*cockily* But I am the chosen one!” hg:*hits Harry on the head with newspaper*



  1. Lawny Said:

    this is completly random but…i’m crazyer than you! Just kidding u r awesome i’m from a whole different universe..(not littery)

  2. lynn Said:

    Hey! whats your friends names…? random i know

  3. Ella Said:

    One of your friends is naughty…….*muhahahah*!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. YOU have to figure out my friend’s names. I’ll post the vowels in a minute, then you can probably figure them out.

  5. I noticed….

    • oh, well thanks! You are naughty!
      Where did you get that name?
      That’s not my name!

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