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random vacation rambling

i usually come up with an idea before i blog about something but i havent had a lot of computer acess so my ideas have just floated aroun and eventually been crammed in a back part of my head. anyway all my thoughts are really jumbled tonight. ok where im trying to go wth this sentance is that i didnt know i havent blogged for so long because i have had all the same thoughts but theyve gone into another part of my head and not on paper. i think however that i have suffered emotionally because blogging is my alternate form of therapy when i am about three quarters of a country away from my real therapist person who is actually just a person who trys to make me sleep and less stressed which doesnt actually really help that much. all my thoughts are really confused and i jst havent felt normal. on pottercast they talk about hp but they dont even really seem to be aware that they are actuaklly books. right now im having those ort of three d thoughts that aremore like shadows and colors and drifting thoughts andnot so much words which makes them really hard to put on paper. ok i am way to confused to blog right now when i am in a better way to write.

i apologize for complete lck of punctuation and the bad grammar and spelling. i am typing this on a kindle which is terribly hard to do….


Lena Ducchannes

Lena Ducchannes is a main character in beautiful creatures. This book is very real to me, so much that the writers¬†don’t really seem real, and I can’t remember their names.

I am very much like Lena. I have a lot of the same wacky habits, some I have subconsciously picked up while reading the books.

I always ahve a notebook.

I am a writer.

I write on my hands in sharpie.

I am worried about what’s going to happen to me.

I have words on my walls.

I have long hair, and some special charms.

I always wear converse.

My family is a little crazy, even though people don’t know it.


I just see myself in her. I think she is an amazing hcaracter and a strong person.