Lena Ducchannes

Lena Ducchannes is a main character in beautiful creatures. This book is very real to me, so much that the writers don’t really seem real, and I can’t remember their names.

I am very much like Lena. I have a lot of the same wacky habits, some I have subconsciously picked up while reading the books.

I always ahve a notebook.

I am a writer.

I write on my hands in sharpie.

I am worried about what’s going to happen to me.

I have words on my walls.

I have long hair, and some special charms.

I always wear converse.

My family is a little crazy, even though people don’t know it.


I just see myself in her. I think she is an amazing hcaracter and a strong person.



  1. Avonte Said:

    To me the movie was very interesting , and oh so romantic , and daring , and sacraficable ! Im 13 . I love to read . And I cant wait to read the books ( beautiful creatures ) I got yesterday .

    • awesome 🙂 I was mostly referring to the books in this post and I’ve yet to see the movie, but it looks amazing. Enjoy the books!

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