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Born on a Blue Day

First of, this is a book. Second, it is the autobiography of a gay autistic savant with epilepsy and synesthesia.

Disclaimer: If you have aanything against gays, or people with disorders, finish reading the disclamer, then don’t comment or read the rest of the post. I have an issue with prejudice and I think it’s stupid to have a problem with a certain kind of people. Also, would someone please explain to me why you would judge a whole group of people by the actions of one person? Many people have problems with muslims because of the awful actions of a group of extremists. There are Cristian extremists too, and they probably do awful things. That doesn’t mean all chrisitans or muslims are like that. And issues with race?!?!? How could someone judge a person by their skin color or where they come from? People who are gay don’t coose to be gay, just as much as people who are straight don’t chose to be that way. Please don’t be prejudiced against people. Not everyone can be perfect, even though we all try.

So, disclaimer and long rant aside, I can across this book about three years ago when my mom was reading it for book group (I think) and I asked her if I could read it. She hadn’t finished it yet, but she agreed. I was immediately taken by how real this story is. The narration is sweet and beautiful, and easily imaginable. I was also surprised by how this book made me aware that I did the same ‘color thing’ as Daniel Tammet (the narrator). I find it amazing how he overcomes so many hard things and still lives his life. This post was going to be about one moment in the book that is my favorite, but I wanted to give you some background (and a very long scolding) first. here it is:“Neil took me into the living room and we sat at opposite ends of the sofa and talked. After a while, he asked whether I wanted to listen to some music. Gradually, unconsiously, we found each other sitting closer and closer on the sofa, until Neil was holding me in his arms as i rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, listening to the songs. Soon afterwards we kissed. We decided there and then that we were meant to be together. ” (apparantly, amazon doesn’t allow copy-paste so It took me a little while to type this) I think this is sweet, and even better that it isn’t dramatic or anything. Anyway, read the book. it’s good.