I am a nerd…

I am a proud nerd. I like Sci-fi, books, math, etc. I don’t wear glasses, but I will have braces soon. I think there are a lot of stereotypes about nerds; some of them are true, and some of them aren’t. I think nerdy guys are cute. I am a Harry Potter fan, and I like british accents. (not entirely sure why this makes me a nerd, but that’s what my friends say…) I know who the nerdfighters are, and comicon…vidcon…leakycon etc, and I know what dftba stands for. Being a nerd, I have come across something called Caprica. I have no idea what’s going on (I can only watch the last 5 episodes online) but I like the amount of robots and dramatic speeches. Also Avan Jogia is apparantly on the show. He is Hot. (the capital wasn’t a mistake). My (somewhat) celebrity crush. Also, Charlie Mcdonnell is cute, but not to the HotNess of Avan Jogia. Sorry if this is weird. Darn teenage hormones.


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