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The internet is for insomniacs

To start, I think I can rightly say that i am one of the few people my age (teen…) who knows what it’s like to be fully wide awake at 4:25 am. I also believe that i am one of the few people who can go completely without sleep for two nights in a row…and feel fine the next day. (Maybe a bit tired, but I’m always tired.) I love the internet at night, b/c sometimes I feel like I’m the only person not asleep, and it’s extremely reassuring to know that you haven’t gone into some sort of twilight-zone like state where you’re the only person on earth. I like the twilight zone (the original one) but I haven’t seen many episodes and I find it rather cheesy. (I’m not sure why this adjective makes the slightest bit of sense, but I guess It does…) I think i can officially say that I am over the annoying orange word. I can listen to He Is We which would be previously classified as #painfulmusic and is now classified as #amazingmusic b/c I don’t think of him any more. I haven’t seen him in eight months (well, I drove by him, but he didn’t see me so it doesn’t count) since The Day, and i think I’d be fine with seeing him now. Also, I went to¬†School yesterday (/today, whichever it is) and everyone tried to get me caught up on the latest gossip in a matter of seconds. Major brain overload…anyway…I love the internet. I think I might stay up until six and watch the eclipse….that’d be cool.