Bellatrix’s dress at the beginning of HBP (the movie) is distinctly less revealing and, shall we say, badass than usuall. Especially compared to the low front of her dress in Oop (movie, yet again). What in the world did they do with Narcissa’s hair? Her husband is in Azkaban, yet she looks more calm and collected she ever looked with her black streaks and haughty clothes.

Also, Simon Lewis (from the mortal instruments), who is your average, Jewish, vegtairan vampire, has the funniest shirts. One of them says:

“I am a badass and therefore I recognize that you too are a badass”

Again, Arriane from Fallen is described as having strange, alluring, and totally badass wings. (she’s a fallen angel)

I still don’t get the difference between nephilium, fallen angels, and part angels. Anyone care to enlight me?


something everyone needs to hear

I am writing this to everyone who has to deal with being the kid that everyone picks on, the nerds, geeks, and awkward kids of this world; the ones who are brilliant, but just can’t do some of the stuff that other kids can. I am also writing this to kids and teens who dedicate their lives to wearing the coolest clothes and being the most popular. I have something to say and I hope you will listen.

  Just because I have a disability, and I am highly gifted, won’t stop me. That’s why they call us twice exceptional. We’re more determined because we have to deal with so much. We’re geniuses who most people think are weird because they’re different. But News Flash:’ cookie cutter’ people (or people who try to be cool and the same as everyone else) get sued for copying, and never amount to anything. “Weird” people have their own ideas, and they act on them. These are the people who become presidents, famous artist, writers, poets, singers, mathematicians, and best of all, inventors. Why be ‘popular’ when you will grow up to be an idiot? Why have people ‘like’ you for 5 years of your life, and be hated the rest of your life, when people don’t actually like for being ‘popular’? I would much rather be ‘that weird kid with no friends’ (which, incidentally isn’t true) for a few years, and be able to tell myself that I am awesome and that I will be great, not have to go to people who are afraid of me for reassurance . So, queen bee, would you rather be a shallow, feared person for the early part of your life, and have the rest of your life be a dump, or be disliked by already mean kids for a few years, be strong, determined, and awesome, and grow up to be famous? There is more to life than high school. Never be afraid to be yourself. Being someone else won’t get you anywhere. Life would be boring if we were all the same. Disagree? Read A Wrinkle in Time. Camazotz is pretty darn awful. I would rather have a difficult childhood, and grow up to be great, than live there. I hope I’ve convinced you by now. If not, maybe you’ll agree after you see what happens in 15 years.

a letter that needs sending

Dear sleep,
Sincerely, very annoyed and exhausted


I have ‘found’ a lot of music I like this week. The weird thing is that most of the bands start in the late 90’s and go to present time! some have shorter or longer spans, but this is the general picture. Here is my list:

The Postal Service: 01-05

Owl City: 07-present

The Fray: 02-present

Blink 182: 92-05, 09-present

All-American Rejects: 99-present

NeverShoutNever: 07-present

Does anyone know a genre for this type of music that’s not electronic or rock? I’m looking for something that covers all the bands and I’m getting kinda stuck.

If you haven’t heard any of these bands, start with:

Brand New Colony & Such Great Heights

Rainbow Veins (NOT fireflies!)

How to Save a Life (I BET you’ve heard this somewhere, unless you live under a rock or something)

I miss you (perfect song for me, good rythm, missing someone, dark angels)

Swing Swing & It Ends Tonight

Bigcitydreams (skip the first bit if you don’t want VERY mild swearing, or angry parents)

P.S. these songs are by their respective bands featured above!

writer’s mode

Ok, so these past few weeks I have turned out easily 20 pages of typing in 14 pt. font. (the aproximate size of typing that I write in.)I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I haven’t liked writing my whole life until last fall, when I began writing a Hunger Games fanfiction. Now I am determined to be a writer when I grow up. (if you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, I am still a kid/teen)

When I go into writing mode, I curl up in my massive beanbag for a few hours with some key stuff:

1. Apple Juice

2. Pretzles

3. Watermelon gum

4. A COMPUTER!!!!!!

Then, I type until I get serious writer’s block again, or until my hands freeze up from excessive typing. These ‘writer modes’ or good ideas can happen pretty much any time, for example; one time I was unloading the dishwasher for my mom when I got a brilliant idea and left for my bedroom for a few hours. My mom came home and was furious to find half the dishes on the counter and the rest still in the dishwasher.  Another time, I was almost asleep when I had sort of a half-dream involving HP and I thought it would make a great story so I got out of bed at 10 and ended up typing until about midnight when I forgot what I was supposed to be writing about and promptly fell asleep.

anyway, regular crazyness posts have, as of today, become crazy excerpts from a soon-to-be author’s life!

yes, I think big. Yes, I am VERY determined!


Boy(friend): Why are you crying

Girl: I’m just one of those emotionally disturbed people who cry at everything

Boy: *sits down next to girl, puts arm around her* no you’re not!

Girl: *managing a wattery smile at the hug and internally screaming* Do most people cry because someone is being really loud, or because their teacher gave them their work late?

Boy: You’re not most people


Boy: seriously, you’re really different

Girl: (sarcastically) thanks

Boy: I don’t like normal people

Girl: (now very confused, but taking that as a compliment) I guess that’s a good thing.

Boy: you’re right *kisses girl*

ooohhhhhh I wish………


I love making up codes cos then I can write things and no one knows what I’m saying.

Here’s a list of friends I would trust my life with in code…email me if you know what I’m saying or if you find your name!! I could be on of your best friends, you never know!

4OvAf  psfApEE

dAttIEh etYOt

pEvAf  sAyyEhk

yEtEfA  84AcE

hAY4Ot  nAsycIf

The vowels are the ones that are correct. (the ones in caps) try to fill in the other ones by guessing names.

Spring Break!!!

I went to California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was awsome, but the water is freeeeezing. (I’ve only been to Florida beaches)

I got to go with one of my best friends too…we body-surfed for hours until I tripped (I always do that) and got a bloody nose. 😦

I think it’s safe to say this because so many people I know went to Cali and you probably can’t figure out who I am through this…


on wordpress and facebook

listening to brave new colony by postal service

reading fallen

what I should be doing: reading the red pyramid


Junky and/or pointless stuff such as Disney channel, which may actally be fun is the birthright of the American kid. People wonder why we have such a problem with obesity…


If anyone I know reads this, they will find out a lot more than I ever wanted them to know. Oooh I didn’t think of that. I guess it’s a risk I have to take……

I get to babble on here to no one in particular versus at school when all my friends have to listen to my insaneness and hyperspeed talking……

So, on the whole, It’s probably a good thing…

Wow, that had a lot of ellipses…..


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