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some people think it’s hard to raise teen moms, kids with autism, spd, twins, triplets, teenagers in general, babies, gifted kids, adopted kids, or anything else like that. here’s what my family deals with:
3-babies under 1 (triplets), one with spd, one with autism, the other one born late.
2-5 year olds, one with autism.
1-8 year old, highly gifted, abused, in 4th grade.
1-10 year old, gifted, eye problems.
1-13 year old, highly gifted, spd
2-15 year olds
1-17 year old, 1.5year old daughter, pregnate with another child, lives with boyfriend, abused
1-18 year old, selective mute, highly gifted, spd

so, that is the list of kids (and 2 adults) in my family by age. We live in a 3 bedroom house, and we use one of the bedrooms as an office. None of us are physically handicapped, which is very helpful, but most of us have challenges which would make life hard in a family that didn’t consist of 12 kids, 2 grandkids and 2 parents. I love my family, but it makes it very hard sometimes. very often, we just take a break and do nothing for a day to catch up with life. Next time you think of how hard your life is, consider how it would be if you had that many people in your family or if you had a disorder.